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Concerned American citizens across the country are adding their name to our petition asking state election officials to remain impartial, honor democracy, and do their jobs.

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Think ahead to Tuesday, November 3rd. Then think ahead to November 4th. And 5th. Given all we know about Donald Trump and his corrupt adminstration, it should be apparent that he will not accept an electoral loss.

He will use the bully pulpit of the presidency to assert voter fraud and sow doubt about the very heart of America - our democratic process. He is already doing it.

Protect Our Election is getting ahead of that bogus argument by demanding that state election administrators around the nation commit to upholding the legitimacy of our elections. There are fifteen states that are either true swing states or reliably blue states with Republicans in a position to count and/or certify the vote. These are the people who will ultimately need to stand up to Donald Trump to report accurate results and assign electoral votes.

Help us by reaching out to these officials and ask them to stand in favor of democracy, put country over party, and preemptively quash any notion of an election "rigged" against Donald Trump.

To: State Election Officials
From: Your Name

Dear Secretary,

I am a concerned American citizen reaching out to you today for reassurance.

Regardless of party or political affiliation, I believe the sanctity of our federal elections this November is at risk. Public reports indicate that foreign powers will continue to try and probe our election systems. The COVID-19 pandemic threatens our safety and our turnout numbers. Attempts at voter suppression are being made in many states. Funding to support mail-in-voting, poll worker training, and equipment is sorely lacking.

And it is abundantly clear that our current president does not care about our federal structure, does not value the democratic process, and will sow doubt about state-level electoral results that do not lead to his reelection.

I am placing my faith in you, Secretary, to manage all of these threats against our country in the lead-up to November. Faith in our system is the only thing that keeps democracy afloat. To that end, I am asking you to publicly pledge that you will stand up for your constituents, and for America, by affirming your independence and your responsibility to proactively resist attempts by Donald Trump to undermine the results of our fair and free elections.

I know you understand the importance of your role in preserving our fragile democracy.


Your Name


Protect Our Election,

Preserve Our Democracy

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