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Protect Our Election is building a grassroots movement of citizens who have publicly committed to the following pro-democratic principles and actions. 

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A Citizens’ Pledge to Protect Our Election

In recognition of the many challenges our state and local election officials currently face, I pledge to do my part as a citizen to defend the tenets of American democracy and take action as needed to ensure the survival of our free and fair elections. 

I am adding my name below to confirm my support for our election officials, to signal my commitment to democracy, and to hold myself and my community accountable to the following principles:

  1. I will vote, in the manner that is most appropriate for me.

  2. I will refrain from spreading disinformation about the election, and I will report it and/or refute it when I encounter it.

  3. I will do my part to reject the claims that this election will somehow be rigged – or that any American election could ever be rigged on a large scale.

  4. I will seek out opportunities to assist my local election officials by volunteering as a poll worker, a poll observer, or providing other aid to the best of my ability.

  5. I will take action at the local level to lobby for additional election resources – funding, extended deadlines, ballot drop boxes, personal protective equipment, etc.

  6. I will speak directly to my elected representatives and insist that they support measures to count all ballots, to always favor the interests of the voter above any political party, and to reject attempts to undermine the will of the people.

  7. I will condemn voter intimidation and political violence at the polls, and make it clear that organized efforts to suppress the vote have no place in my community.

  8. I will refrain from advancing narratives about election results until any such result is supported by broad public consensus.

  9. I will join the #WeAreDemocracy coalition to affirm my commitment to continue to defend democracy throughout the post-election period.


By signing this pledge, I affirm my intention to hold true to the above principles and to do my part in service of American democracy.  


I also ask that my state and local election officials, my state legislators, and my representatives in Congress sign on to the Protect Our Election pledges designed specifically for them.

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State Election Officials

Take a moment today to tell your state election officials you support them, trust them, and will advocate for democracy alongside them.

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County Election Officials

Let your county election officials know that you will stand with them in support of democracy and that we draw strength from numbers.


Protect Our Election,

Preserve Our Democracy

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