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Protect Our Election is committed to its core mission of protecting American democracy from the forces working to undermine it. That continues into 2024.


The Protect Our Election thesis is that the principles of American democracy remain under assault, and that those principles require active defense. We came perilously close to a nightmare scenario in 2020, due largely to coordinated disinformation and fractured truth.

America's dedicated local election administrators continue to play an over-sized and underappreciated role in our system, and they are targets of abuse and harassment. They need our support going forward.

Democracy needs a marketing department.

Grassroots Outreach

We're encouraging civic-minded citizens to take direct action by supporting the state level officials who delivered a smooth election under unprecedented pressure.

Community Petitions

We're organizing community petitions to make it easy for your voice to be heard, and to ensure officials around the country receive that message.

Media Accountability

We're tracking and engaging with media members who are all too tempted to legitimize baseless conspiracy claims of election fraud and manipulation. 

Paid Media Presence

We are fund-raising to increase our footprint via targeted digital advertising and to get the message out to the constituencies that most need to hear it.

State Level Politics

We're working with state level partners to shore up support from both sides of the aisle and make it known that American democracy will not be undermined.

Data Driven Approach

We're leveraging years of digital marketing experience to build a data-driven approach and make every link, every tweet, and every ad count. 


Protect Our Election,

Preserve Our Democracy

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