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Protect Our Election offers a suite of free services for election officials looking to fill the digital tools gap.

How Can We Help? 

Protect Our Election is a 501(c)3 charitable organization committed to reinforcing the civic institutions that allow American democracy to thrive. We are driven to provide non-partisan public education about the electoral process, to identify and push back on election-related disinformation, and to help address resource gaps at the local election office level.

We conducted surveys of over 4,600 local election officials across the country after the two most recent cycles; we know that listening to the people who actually do the work is the best way to shape a productive path forward in the face of relentless attacks on democracy. The results of those surveys are here.


One of the primary takeaways for us is that LEOs as a whole need help navigating digital communications, and engaging with voters online. This makes perfect sense in a world where election offices are criminally underfunded and overworked – there is just not enough time or money to stand up expensive new initiatives.


We would love to help change that.

The We Are Democracy program is a pro bono suite of digital services and tools specifically designed for local election officials.


Participants will receive the following:

  1. A customized social media report delivered weekly or bi-weekly that will surface relevant topics, trends, and questions for LEOs coming from their own communities - including summaries of the latest conspiracy theories circulating online. Our licensed platform can aggregate and filter by any requested query to provide insight into what your voters are saying and seeing online. Reports are designed to maximize utility and efficiency, with the goal of helping to inform a proactive voter communications strategy.

  2. A high-level national threat assessment provided by our partner Memetica, who use HUMINT to identify disinformation as it bubbles up in niche ecosystems and on the dark web. These assessments can take the form of general alerts but can also go right down to specific analyses of fringe groups planning real world activities in your region. Law enforcement receives intelligence like this – election officials should too.

  3. Multiple layers of online identity protection to (a) proactively delete personal information like your home address and phone number from online data broker sites and to (b) flag abusive content that targets you, your family, your staff, or your office. We are able to screen for any mention of your name on social media and assess the context around it. The rising tide of threats and intimidation targeting public servants is unacceptable, and we hope these services offer at least some degree of added security.

Protect Our Election is funded entirely by individual donors who offer their support with no strings attached and no partisan agenda. We operate under a strict funding firewall; no donor drives our approach or has right of review. The social media service described above is 100% value-agnostic.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, simply share your contact information below, and we will be in touch. 

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