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Protect Our Election is leading a movement to support local election officials - and to push back on election deniers. 

Sign Up Today For Ways To Support Democracy In 2024

Thank you for your commitment to take action in support of democracy. Protect Our Election will provide additional details about this campaign via email. 

Supporting Democracy in 2024

We encourage you to show your appreciation for your election officials by proactively amplifying the truth about the work they do, and by monitoring developments in your community. We believe our strongest path through the current national crisis is to build lasting connections between our communities and the officials who administer democracy. For too long, those of us who value democracy have taken it for granted. 

This toolkit includes several ways for you to take action:

The first step towards defending democracy is to know your own local election officials. While the overwhelming majority of election administrators are honorable people, a growing influx of them harbor election denial beliefs based on partisan conspiracy theories. Our research team is hard at work identifying the jurisdictions most at risk, and we update our database of "red flags" on an ongoing basis. 

For your local office's contact information - and to discover whether your area is impacted by election denial inside the system - please simply search for your county in the search/dropdown box below. NOTE: Residents of CT, MA, ME, NH, RI and VT should search by town, not county. 








Is there reason to be concerned about an election official or poll worker in your community? Let us know via email at, and we will conduct an investigation - and add a red flag where needed. 

Democracy prevailed in 2020. 

Despite facing an unprecedented confluence of challenges, America's election officials pulled off the most secure election in our nation's history in 2020. They made the most of inadequate funding, they installed safety measures to guard against COVID-19, they turned a potential shortage of poll workers into a surplus, they strengthened our cyber defenses, they fought disinformation, and they withstood a manipulative domestic political assault that called their competence and patriotism into question.

They protected our election.

Our election officials and poll workers are American heroes. Hundreds of thousands of your fellow citizens step up every year across 50 states and 3,045 counties to deliver safe and secure elections.

Sadly, four years removed from the events of 2020, those election officials and volunteer workers need your support and appreciation even more. They continue to face threats and harassment simply for doing their jobs and putting democracy first. Even worse, our research indicates an increase in "election deniers" among poll workers is likely to be a significant problem going forward.

We need you to join the pro-democracy movement in your community. Sign up today to receive action alerts, and see below for additional tools to help you find information about your local officials, get involved on social media, keep an eye out for election infiltration, and lend your support to your dedicated election officials. 



Social media is a fertile ground for election denial conspiracy theorists. The average citizen might not be inclined to wade into political "debates" on their social channel of choice - but when democracy-loving voters remain silent, outlandish lies fill the vacuum.


We recommend following and sharing these social media sources to help bolster the truth.








...and your local election official. 

Creative Examples

Send us a picture of what you've done in your community, and we will feature it here. We recommend including a reference to 'We Are Democracy' in order to help reinforce the idea that this sentiment is shared nationwide.

Submissions can be sent to info@protectourelection, or simply tweet it to @OurElection.

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Follow the relevant civic organizations at the below links.

The National Association of Secretaries of State:

The Democratic Association of Secretaries of State:

The Republican Secretaries of State Committee: RSSC

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