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Our Election is Vulnerable

Most living Americans share a sense of invulnerability about our democracy. We've never really had cause to question our viability as a nation. We are the shining city upon a hill. We are the ones who monitor other countries' elections.

But here we are. When historical norms and simple decency are thrown out the window, we're forced to reckon with an ugly question: how do we know our electoral results are legitimate? Who will confirm that for us?

We know that our current president will question any result that does not benefit him. He is shameless. He is authoritarian. And he will appeal to any state-level mechanism that he believes he can intimidate. Who runs our elections? State Secretaries of State. That's where the leverage lies.

When Americans vote this November, nine states will be most vulnerable. They are the nine states - Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, and Washington - where an incumbent Republican Secretary of State could conceivably throw legitimate results out the door to benefit Donald Trump.

Protect Our Election is dedicated to shining a light on these states, via direct pressure and public outcry, with a goal of preventing the theft of our U.S. presidential contest.

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