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How Can We Prepare For the Inevitable?

Brian Klaas, writing in the Washington Post, lays out four ways we can all be preparing for the inevitability that Donald Trump will refuse to accept electoral results that go against him this fall. Here's his first item:

First, we need a bipartisan pact endorsing the results. Incumbents who reject results solely because they lost tend to get more traction when their party backs them uniformly. When cracks show, the self-serving farce falls apart. Democrats and Republicans who believe in democracy should agree to immediately and publicly accept the election results (barring any major irregularities).
All living former presidents should be involved. It would also be particularly helpful to ensure that former members of the Trump administration — such as John Kelly, H.R. McMaster and Jim Mattis — are on board. The broader the coalition, the more Trump’s desperate ploy would be exposed for what it is.

We concur, Brian. And we believe the bipartisan coalition must include state election officials as well. That's exactly what we are attempting to accomplish.

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