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100+ Civil Rights, Racial Justice, Labor, and Grassroots Groups Demand Trump Be Immediately Removed

Updated: Apr 14, 2023


Contact: André Ory, (347) 741-1503

Following the insurrection by armed white vigilantes against the U.S. Capitol on Treason Day (January 6th, 2021) encouraged by Donald Trump as a way to stop the certification of the results of the presidential election, more than 110 civil rights, racial justice, labor, and grassroots groups issued the following statement:

“January 6th, 2021 should forever be remembered as Treason Day. A day when a sitting president who has done everything in his power to overturn his loss unleashed an angry mob of armed white vigilantes inside of our Capitol, threatening our government, including the very Republican leaders complicit in this attack.”

Trump may have lost access to his social media accounts, but still retains the full powers of the presidency. He is dangerous and must be removed from office today through the 25th amendment or impeachment.

“His Republican co-conspirators, from Senators and House Members to state legislators, who fed, fueled and fomented these attacks on our democracy must also be removed or resign. All those who participated in this insurrection, especially those who attacked the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, must be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law once Donald Trump is removed”

“On January 20, our democracy will prevail. But only thanks to the organizers, activists, and election officials in communities across this country who protected the results. We have just faced one of the greatest threats to our democracy ever. To meet the moment, President-elect Biden must make reforming our political system from the ground up a top priority on Day One.”


ACCE Action


Action Together Network

AFSCME Council 65

Alliance for Quality Education

Alliance for Youth Action

Americans for Democratic Action (ADA)

Angel Guardian

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO

Audacity Group SE

Battle Born Progress - Nevada

Bay Rising Action

Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Care in Action

Center for Popular Democracy

Bend the Arc Jewish Action: Pittsburgh

Bend the Arc: Jewish Action--San Luis Obispo, California

Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC)

Black Phoenix Votes

Bold ReThink

Boulder Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Broward for Progress

Care in Action

Center for Popular Democracy

Cause Campaign Partners

Center for Coalfield Justice

Change Media Group

Choose Democracy

Citizen Acivist


Common Defense

Community Catalyst

Conscious Resources

Convey Communications

Daily Kos

DemCast USA

Demo Crew

Democracy Fund Voice

Diversity Matters

Dream Defenders

Dutchess County Progressive Action Alliance

Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC)

Endangered Species Coalition

Faith Commons

Faith in Public Life Action Fund


Faithful America

Fix Democracy First

Florida For All

Friends of the Earth Action

Fuerte Arts Movement

Georgia Alliance for Social Justice

Granite State Progress

Green Advocacy Project

Greenpeace US

Grove Action Fund

HUB for Progress

IfNotNow Movement

Indivisible Alaska Statewide

Indivisible CA-33

Indivisible Chicago Alliance

Indivisible Petaluma

Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice (ICPJ)

Leadership Now Project

Liberation Ventures

Local Progress

Mainers for Accountable Leadership

Maryville Huddle, Women's March Coalition East Tennessee

Movement Voter Project

MPower Change Action

Never Again Action

New Georgia Project Action Fund

New Mexico Caregivers Coalition

Next Up & Next Up Action Fund

Oregon (WI) Area Progressives

PA Spotlight

Padres & Jóvenes Unidos Action Fund

People's Action

Philadelphia City Council

PL+US (Paid Leave for the U.S.)

Progress Virginia

Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada

ProgressNow Colorado

Protect Our Election

Seed the Vote

SEIU Minnesota State Council

SEIU WI State Council


State Innovation Exchange (SiX)


Swing Left/Sister District Marin

The Bully Project

The More Stable Union Newsletter

The Workers Circle

Truman National Security Project


United Working Families

VOICE Buffalo

Win Without War

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

Young Invincibles



National Domestic Workers Alliance

National Women’s Law Center

Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Protect Democracy

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)


Women's March

Working Families Party

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