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Our state and local election officials are under attack. Claims of a "rigged" election undermine the system - help us reinforce democracy by showing your support for election officials.

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America is under attack.

We have always relied on overworked and underpaid state and local election officials to successfully oversee the electoral contests that keep our democracy ticking. Thousands of public servants across 50 states, 3,141 counties, and 14 sovereign territories have a long, proud history of doing their job to ensure our voices are heard.

But along came Donald Trump. And suddenly, those officials are somehow corrupt and/or incompetent. The President of the United States has assured his base that the only way he will lose is "is if the election is rigged." His oldest son parroted that talking point as he called for an "army" of Trump supporters to intimidate voters - and election officials - at polling locations.

These comments are rabidly anti-American. They align with anti-democratic propaganda that the intelligence community has linked back to Russia. They tear down our institutions and are an assault on the people who keep our elections free and fair.

Protect Our Election is working to repair the damage done by building a grassroots movement to support the dedicated state election administrators who are working to deliver a smooth and safe election this November. We need to let these public servants know that we have their back - that Americans still believe in democracy and still trust them to do their jobs the way they always have.

They need to know we outnumber the angry mob.

Add your name below to the growing list of American citizens who understand how important it is to maintain our faith in the system, to fight for democracy, to put country over party, and to refute the notion of an election "rigged" against Donald Trump.

To: State Election Officials
From: Your Name

Dear [Secretary|Director|Administrator],

I am an American citizen reaching out today to thank you.

I want you to know I appreciate your dedication to democracy, and I understand how challenging this election year has already been - and will continue to be. I trust you are doing the best you can, and I believe that if enough Americans vocalize their faith in our electoral process, we can survive the unprecedented attacks on our democracy.

I categorically reject the baseless conspiracy theories that this election will somehow be "rigged". To suggest as much is to undermine the work you and your colleagues do every day to guarantee an accurate vote count. To make this claim is to aid our foreign adversaries and undermine the United States of America.

I know it might seem like you are under attack every day from the very citizens you are trying so hard to serve. But I promise you: there are more Americans who trust you, who want you to succeed, and who believe that putting country over party is the only way to preserve our republic.

Faith in our system is the only thing that keeps democracy afloat. So, please: keep doing what you are doing. When the integrity of our election comes under attack, I urge you to speak your truth and know that America has your back.

I know how important and how thankless your job is, and I will support you as you do that job this November.

Thank you,

Your Name


Protect Our Election,

Preserve Our Democracy

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