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Protect Our Election is asking America's state and federal legislators to commit to a specific set of pro-democracy measures.

A Legislators' Pledge To Protect Our Election

I, the undersigned, do hereby affirm my responsibility as a caretaker of democracy and I acknowledge my role as an influencer and a participant in my state’s electoral process. I know that widespread public faith in the system is what keeps democracy afloat, and I commit to the following principles to ensure public confidence and to defend the integrity of our election:

  1. I will support every single one of my constituents’ right to vote, regardless of the candidate they support or the method with which they choose to exercise that right. 

  2. I will refrain from using my public platform to spread disinformation about the election.

  3. I will publicly reject the claims that this election will somehow be rigged – or that any American election could ever be rigged on a large scale.

  4. I will lift up my state and local election officials by demonstrating my faith in their ability to administer a safe and secure election, and by making myself available as a resource and sounding board.

  5. I will support legislation designed to strengthen our electoral infrastructure –which may include additional funding, extended deadlines, ballot drop boxes, personal protective equipment, etc.

  6. I will support measures to count all ballots appropriately collected under state statute, to always favor the interests of the voter above any political party, and to reject attempts to undermine the will of the people at any step of the process.

  7. I will condemn voter intimidation and political violence at the polls and make it clear that organized efforts to suppress the vote have no place in my community.

  8. I will refrain from advancing narratives about election results until any such result is supported by broad public consensus.

  9. I will leverage my position as a leader of my community to call for calm in the wake of a contested election, to encourage patience as votes are counted, and to guarantee a peaceful transition of power.

In signing this pledge, I confirm my duty to serve my constituents, my commitment to the rule of law, and my unshakable allegiance to the United States of America. 

If you are an elected official, or represent an elected official, interested in signing the pledge, please contact us via the secure form below.

Thank you for signaling your interest. Protect Our Election or one of its partners will follow up to confirm your intention to sign the pledge.


Follow the relevant civic organizations at the below links.

The National Association of Secretaries of State:

The Democratic Association of Secretaries of State:

The Republican Secretaries of State Committee: RSSC

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