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Protect Our Election is conducting nationwide research to identify the most impactful ways to support local election officials.

Democracy prevailed in 2020. 

Despite facing an unprecedented confluence of challenges, America's election officials pulled off the most secure election in our nation's history. They made the most of inadequate funding, they installed safety measures to guard against COVID-19, they turned a potential shortage of poll workers into a surplus, they strengthened our cyber defenses, they fought disinformation, and they withstood a manipulative domestic political assault that called their competence and patriotism into question.

They protected our election.

Our election officials and poll workers are American heroes. Hundreds of thousands of your fellow citizens stepped up across 50 states (plus the District of Columbia) and 3,143 counties and accomplished something that deserves our collective praise.

Protect Our Election is coordinating a nation-wide effort to thank these public servants for their tireless work. This grassroots campaign, which we're calling We Are Democracy, has a goal of delivering tokens of appreciation to at least 50,000 election officials and local poll workers.

We are also conducting a national post-election survey designed to highlight the experiences, insights, and priorities of our local election officials. We have invited over 4,000 of America's county clerks and election supervisors to share their thoughts on how the 2020 election impacted their work on the ground and what resources they need to keep things running smoothly in the future.

Our survey touches on the following subject areas: 

  • Election preparedness & staffing

  • Voter communications & perception

  • COVID-19 protective measures

  • Mail-in & absentee ballot procedures

  • Election security

  • Election funding

  • Electoral reform

  • Job satisfaction & retention issues

We expect to share the results of our survey widely as part of an effort to give local election officials a unified presence in national and state-level conversations around election administration.

Over time, by building relationships with the hundreds of thousands of citizens who stepped up to protect the integrity of our system in 2020, we hope we can build a community and a compelling narrative to help drown out the disinformation that continues to eat away at our democratic foundation.

It all ties together as part of the We Are Democracy campaign to rebuild, reinforce, and reassert American democracy's place in the world - and in our culture here at home.

Are you a local election official? Please click below to begin the survey.



Follow the relevant civic organizations at the below links.

The National Association of Secretaries of State:

The Democratic Association of Secretaries of State:

The Republican Secretaries of State Committee: RSSC

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