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Help power our national research efforts through our partnership with Change Research - and be part of the solution.

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We're presenting a unique opportunity to participate in the advocacy process. This is not your typical fundraising request; we're going to explain exactly what your contribution will fund, and how you'll be able to participate at a strategic level.


This past week saw several concerning news items:

When viewed together, these developments converge on one key point: America desperately needs to rebuild faith in herself, and in democracy. 


So here's our ask: we are in the final stages of commissioning a national poll with Change Research that will help us (a) understand where the breakdown in faith is occurring, and (b) report back to our audience, our partners, and the nation as a whole with findings that assuage our collective fears. No one else is coming at the problem from this angle.


We need your help to fully fund this poll and maximize its reach and statistical significance.


Here's the cool part: backers of this specific project will have the chance to suggest one poll question, to receive real-time updates as the poll goes live, and to be on the distribution list as we share our findings with the national media.


We need to raise $5,000 in the next 72 hours to ensure we can make the most of this moment in time and reassert the strength of American democracy. Please chip in if you are able! 


Thank you so much for your support.


Protect Our Election,

Preserve Our Democracy

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