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Protect Our Election is asking America's county election officials to commit to a specific set of pro-democracy measures.

A Pledge To Protect Our Election

I, the undersigned, do hereby affirm my responsibility as a caretaker of democracy and I acknowledge my role as a critical piece in the American electoral process. I know that widespread public faith in the system is what keeps democracy afloat, and today I join county election officials around the country in committing to the following proactive measures meant to boost public confidence and defend election integrity:

  1. I take pride in providing accurate answers to my constituents’ questions about the voting process, and I will never promote information from partisan or unverified sources;

  2. I will, to the best of my ability, refute local disinformation by correcting the record whenever I see misleading claims and I will notify our state election agency of any suspicious attempts to mislead the public;  

  3. I confirm that my office’s efforts to prevent voter fraud in our county have helped make it vanishingly rare, and I will immediately notify our state election agency of any potential violations;

  4. I will work with our state election agency to provide daily updates on the number of ballots already received via mail-in or early in-person voting processes;

  5. I will remain dedicated to providing safe and secure early and absentee voting options, and I will use every channel available to share daily information regarding early voting locations, mail-in ballot procedures, and ballot drop boxes (where applicable);

  6. I will take steps to prevent political violence, voter intimidation, and illegal polling place activities by coordinating with our state election agency and our local community groups, communicating clearly about what our state election laws do and do not allow, and providing updates on the measures in place;

  7. I will work to minimize post-election legal challenges by flagging any and all irregularities as my highest priority, working to resolve issues at the county level, and communicating potential problems to our state election agency immediately;

  8. I will assert my authority to resist attempts to unlawfully limit or prematurely conclude the counting of all ballots and I will report any such attempts to our state election official immediately;

  9. I will respond to any premature declarations of victory in my state by working closely with our state election agency to provide (a) a real-time update on percentage of votes counted in my county and (b) our best estimate on when all counting will be concluded.

By signing this pledge, I confirm my commitment to my fellow election administrators across the country, my duty to serve my constituents, my authority to oversee elections in my county, and my unique responsibility to proactively protect our fair and free elections.

Thanks for submitting! Protect Our Election will be in touch with further information about our nation-wide coalition of election officials.


Follow the relevant civic organizations at the below links.

The National Association of Secretaries of State:

The Democratic Association of Secretaries of State:

The Republican Secretaries of State Committee: RSSC

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